rent-to-own apartment vs house

Renting an Apartment vs a House

It is one of the hardest decisions that a renter has to make.   Should you go with an apartment? or should you rent a house?   This is one of those dilemmas that every single renter has had the displeasure of trying to wade through, and its never an easy decision to make.  At some point nearly everyone has been faced with this choice.   It ultimately comes down to few key points or requirements that push you in one direction or the other.

Apartment living can have its advantages.  Most newer apartments these days come with a plethora of amenities.  These amenities run the full gamut you can find everything you could possibly need hot tubs, full gyms, saunas, pools, game rooms, computer rooms and the list goes on and on.  While this might not be appealing to some people the younger generation of renters do enjoy renting in urban areas at apartments with a ton of amenities.  Apartments can also foster great communities.   Most apartments offer game nights or other communal events that its residents are encouraged to participate in.

However, apartments also have their downsides.   Anytime you share a wall, floor, or ceiling with a neighbor you will inevitably hear your neighbor making noises.  Some neighbors do the regular day to day things that most of us do and then there are other neighbors that are little… let’s say less normal.   it’s really just a roll of the dice with what type of neighbors you get.    In addition to noise, communal living brings other problems.   For example, pests are a larger concern due to the increased amounts of trash and one uncleanly neighbor can bring in roaches, mice, and other manner of critters and bugs which are a nuisance.

Renting a house also has certain advantages.   Renting out a house brings you a couple of things that you won’t get in an apartment complex.  More space is typically the biggest difference but there’s also more privacy and typically less noise depending on the area.    There’s also the aspect of having a little more freedom.  Most home rentals will typically allow you do a little more decorating than apartments, which lend themselves to be a bit more restrictive on what you can say put on a balcony or what you can put on a wall and where.

There are also downsides to renting a home.  With all that space means more maintenance, sure you could hire a house keeper but you’re not Bruce Wayne right?   There’s also yard maintenance, but you probably don’t need to be super rich to afford to hire a neighbors kid to mow your lawn.   Typically, homes are bit more expensive to rent than an apartment.    This is not true in all cases but mostly you pay more for the space you’re getting.

Ultimately the choice comes down to what best fits your needs and your situation.   If you are planning to rent a home and then buy within the next three years we recommend you look into rent-to-own homes as an alternative.