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Your First Steps on your Rent to Own Journey

Now that you have began your journey toward rent to own, you may ask what the next steps are?  Where does this road lead, and which path should you take to get to the finish line?

One of the first steps is finding the home you want to invest in.  There are many sources for rent to own homes, and all of these have different features.  Not all resources are legitimate however.  You should make sure to find a trusted source of rent to own homes like

Once you have your home picked out, your next steps is paperwork.  You will need to get your authorized documents in order and your rent to own option agreement.  This agreement grants you the right to own the home at a predetermined cost, within a pre-agreed upon time.   This will be in trade of an increased monthly rent payment of the house.

Before you sign documents, consider your current financial situation.  In general renting to own a home allows individuals with less-than-perfect credit, or who don’t (or are unable to) acquire a down payment on the house, time to get their finances in order prior to purchasing.  It’s important to carefully consider your financial future and determine whether or not you will be able to improve your credit for a loan, and/or have a down payment when the time comes.

At this point many wonder what the advantage of a rent-to-own home is if they still need to eventually have a down payment and a good credit score   In short, rent-to-own homes offers the buyer the opportunity to spend time in the home prior to purchasing, and instead of throwing your money away on an apartment you will later move from, you have invested time and finances into your future home.  This allows you to get an idea of the house, the neighbors and the area is like ahead of time.

Most rent-to-own opportunities are from the current homeowners themselves rather than large banks.  This means that you may have more opportunity to customize the arrangement to your benefit prior to signing any contracts.  A successful rent to own purchase can help both the buyer and the seller as well as the sellers

In conclusion, one of the most common reasons individuals choose to go down the process of renting to own rather than getting a traditional mortgage is to improve their credit, acquire the down payment over time and get an idea of what the home is like.  After this process getting approved for a mortgage to buy the home is more likely.

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