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Small Space Gardening Tips for Renters

Winter is almost over and Spring is right around the corner.    With Spring less than a month away, now is a great time to start planning out your garden.  You don’t have to own a home in order to have a great garden.  In fact those with limited space can still grow quite a bit of produce.   Small spaces are actually ideal for growing vegetables since it mimic conditions similarly found in traditional “walled gardens”.  Let’s look at some of the way you can get the most out of your balcony or small yard.

  1. Hanging Baskets

Hanging pots or baskets are a great way to save space and can allow you to grow many different crops, including herbs, salad leaves, tomatoes, and peppers.  These types of crops require a lot of sunlight so be sure to place these where they get the most exposure and water them very well.

  1. Trailing Crops.

Trailing crops are things like Zucchini, Yellow Squash and Green Beans.  These crops are great for small spaces because they can be trained to grow just about anywhere.  Train them along the edge of the railing on a balcony or up lattice.

  1. Make use of quick crops.

Plants like Swiss Chard and Radishes are ready to sow in almost no time at all.  Make use of the gaps that may develop in the garden with these quick crops.  These types of crops are usually matured in just a matter of a few weeks and can be great way to make the most of your space.

  1. Wall Training.

It’s important to make use of vertical space when you don’t have a large plot to work with.  There are many fruits such as apples that can actually be pruned to grow along a wall and they produce just fine.   This also frees up useful bed space for the underplant planting of leafy veggies or squashes.

  1. Underplanting

This another great way to make use of space.   In areas around taller crops such as corn or say sunflowers.   You can make use of the space underneath those crops.  Leaf vegetables such as lettuces will flourish in those conditions and squash can be trained out to sunnier areas to give it the energy it needs.

  1. Vertical Beds

There are many products available that are called Vertical Gardening Systems or vertical beds.   You can buy these or build them yourself. to increase the amount of soil you have available in a given space to plant your crops.
There you have it.  If you’re looking to plant a garden this spring and your still renting that apartment with limited space these tips are sure to help you out.   If you’re looking for more space to plant a garden you might want to consider putting that rent money somewhere useful and check out our selection of Rent-to-Own homes.