Rent-to-Own Homes in San Antonio, Texas

There are many great reasons to buy or rent-to-own a home in San Antonio, Texas.  San Antonio is a beautiful city deep in the heart of  South Central Texas and is full of rich history and cultural diversity.  One of the most recognizable battles for Texas’ independence was fought in San Antonio and the fort known as the Alamo is still standing today in downtown.  The culture of San Antonio is primarily influence by Mexican Americans due to its’ previous status of being part of Mexico, however there is also a very strong German cultural presence in the area due to a large influx of German immigrants in the 1840’s. Continue reading


Finding Rent-to-Own Homes in Miami

Miami, FL is a whirlwind of flashing lights and colors with smells and flavors from every corner of the world.  The people here don’t say “I love Miami” when you ask how they feel about this city, they just say “I love you, Miami” because the city is more than just concrete shopping malls and white sandy beaches it has a personality and a soul.   It just might be the most beautiful city in the US.

So why do people love Miami?  Well Miami is certainly well known for its food and you can find it pretty much everywhere. The downtown area alone has roughly 65 restaurants, many of them highly rated on review sites.  But not only is downtown Miami a rich cultural haven of food it is also brimming with entertainment with plenty of things to do and see.

To start off you’ve got the American Airlines Arena in Downtown home to the one of the hottest teams in the NBA, the Miami Heat. There’s also venues like the Gusman Theatre & Grand Central.   You’ve also got the beautiful Grand Central Park and all of this within walking distance or close to a metro mover.

Brickell functions as the city’s financial district is home to copious amounts of co-working spaces and starts ups.  The Brickell area has tons of great restaurants & a bunch of laid back bars, you’re also just a hop, skip, and a jump Vizcaya & the Miami Museum of Science.  Brickell is known as Millionaire’s Row and is the main area where celebs build their homes.

There’s also Midtown and Wynwood which are both overflowing with Art & Music. It’s not uncommon to see commissioned artists on the street tagging the sides of buildings and sidewalks.   The world hottest musical gigs pass through here all the time and is constantly buzzing with shows.  Oh in case we forget to mention there’s food.  Lots of good food.

Biscayne Corridor is another great district of the downtown area.   Shops, Gyms, Margaret Pace park, and great Spanish restaurants all among bay view condos. This area is right between downtown and midtown so you get a mix of both.

So we discussed a few areas of Miami and talked about the food, the entertainment and the culture, now let’s talk about the weather.   Miami weather is just unbelievable.   From Fall to Spring you have amazingly comfortable weather.    Yes the summers get hot and humid but you quickly get used to it. Ready to move yet?

Of the major cities in the U.S. Miami is surprisingly affordable. The nonexistent state income tax plays a large role in the affordability of Miami but it’s also the pricing of real estate.  Let’s compare Miami to New York and San Francisco.

San Francisco
Median Income                $       64,000
Median Home Price        $ 1,115,000

New York
Median Income                $       56,000
Median Home Price        $     670,000(1.4 Million in Manhattan)

Median Income                $       46,000
Median Home Price        $     278,000

As you can see from these numbers, Miami is surprisingly affordable considering its size and location.  so come by our rent-to-own listings in Miami and take a look at the available homes.

Rent-to-Own Homes in Detroit, MI

Living in Detroit

If you’ve ever seen a TV show or watched a movie about the City of Detroit, MI you’ve probably already got an idea in your mind about what it would be like living in Detroit.   I would wager that image looks an awful lot like Gotham City, but in reality, Detroit is a thriving city that is rebuilding its image.  Obviously, there are areas to avoid as every city has that particular problem. However, there are areas of the Greater Detroit Metro with very high livability scores.  Areas such as Royal Oak, Berkley, Grosse Point, Rochester, Midtown, Corktown, Indian Village, Woodbridge, and Brush Park all are alive and vibrant with great schools and close communities and all close to restaurants, amenities, and entertainment. Continue reading

Living in Tucson, AZ

Living in Tucson, AZ

The city of Tucson, AZ was once the home of Paleo-Indians dating as far back to 2100 B.C.  Excavations in the area along the Santa Cruz River revealed that the people who lived there had farmed the region extensively, even building a series of irrigation canals to water their crops.   In 1700, Eusebio Francisco Kino established the Mission San Xavier del Bac a few miles north of what is now Tucson, and then in 1775, Hugo O’Connor constructed a fort, Presidio San Augustin del Tucson, which later became the city of Tucson after Mexico won their independence from Spain 1821.

Today Tucson sprawls over 230 square miles and ranks as the second most populated city in Arizona.  Tucson sits in a valley known as the Sonoran Desert that is surrounded by 5 mountain ranges which include the Santa Catalina Mountains, Tortolita Mountains, Santa Rita Mountains, Rincon Mountains, and the Tucson Mountains.   The highest peak, Mount Wrightson, reaches 9,453 ft and actually gets snow in the winter.

Tucson typically sees temperate winters along with hot summers but remains cooler and wetter than most areas of Arizona due to the higher altitude of the area.   Summer and Winter are the most noticeable of the seasons but there is also a minor spring and a fall along with a monsoon season that can bring a lot of water to the region in a short amount of time.

The local economy is mainly supported by the University of Arizona, Davis-Monthan Air Force Base, and a US Army Intelligence Center Fort Huachuca.   The presence of these employers has caused the area to develop high-tech industries with advanced technology sectors that include over 150 companies such as Texas Instruments, Honeywell Aerospace, Raytheon Missile Systems, IBM, Intuit, and Bombardier Aerospace.  These high-tech industries and companies, along with the rest of the economy in Tucson, are hiring workers at a great rate with a nearly 2 percent overall job growth rate in 2015 and a 38 percent expected job growth rate over the next 10 years.

The housing market in the Tucson is seeing a lot of growth as a result of a strong local economy.  The average household income in Tucson is just over $38,000 while the median home price is at $150,000.  This translates into a very affordable housing market for the majority of the people living in Tucson.   If you’re in the market to buy or rent-to-own a home then now is a great time to consider investing in a home in Tucson.  So take a look at our great rent-to-own homes in Tucson, AZ today.


The beautiful Houston skyline at dusk

Living in Houston

Houston began its rapid growth as a political epicenter in 1837, but its livelihood was owed to commerce and cotton. In 1839 the Texas government left Houston for Austin after just two short years and the city began to embrace its roots of agriculture.   Activity around town bustled during marketing and harvesting seasons, otherwise the rest of the time was spent sending out supplies to local farmers.  Trade was established with small river ships powered by steam that hauled  goods such as nails, books, gunpowder, lead, coffee, flour, cloth, whiskey, iron castings, and sugar down from Galveston to Houston and in return Houston sent back corn, hides, and cotton to  Galveston and New Orleans eventually through to New York and then Europe.

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