rent-to-own apartment vs house

Renting an Apartment vs a House

It is one of the hardest decisions that a renter has to make.   Should you go with an apartment? or should you rent a house?   This is one of those dilemmas that every single renter has had the displeasure of trying to wade through, and its never an easy decision to make.  At some point nearly everyone has been faced with this choice.   It ultimately comes down to few key points or requirements that push you in one direction or the other.
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Choosing a Condo Vs a House

Choosing a Condo vs. a House

When deciding to invest in a home, whether purchasing the traditional way or going through a rent-to-own option, the type of home you choose may have a big impact on your future happiness.  Each type of home appeals differently to individual needs and tastes.  We would like to take a look at the differences between condos and a single family house and go over the pros and cons of each. Continue reading

how much house can you afford?

Determining How Much House You Can Afford

Many renters are tired of having a place they don’t feel they can really call their own, but are hesitant to jump into homeownership because they don’t know how much they can afford.  Determining how much house you can afford is an important question to answer before beginning the search process for a home, or a rent-to-own home.  The answer to this question is a bit complicated, so let’s break it down into digestible chunks.  Continue reading

Best time to buy a house

The Best Time to Buy a House

Once you’ve decided to you’re ready to move from becoming a home-renter to a home-owner, your next question may be whether or not now is the best time to take that leap.  How do you know when you’re in the best position to buy a home?  The answer will depend on your unique life circumstances, but we have some great advice to help you determine when the best time is for your particular situation.  You’ll need to take some time to figure out where you are financially, shop around for good neighborhoods, and learn how to shop for a home the smart way. Continue reading


Why 2016 Is the Year to Buy a Home

Buying or Renting-to-Own in 2016

If you’ve been considering buying a home in 2016, read on to learn the great reasons why 2016 is going to be an awesome year to buy your home.  2016 is looking to be the ideal year to move forward on that plan to buy or rent-to-own a home, especially for first time home buyers.  Interest rates are still hovering at a very, very low rate which is expected to rise very soon.   If you hurry you can still grab that low rate and lock it in.   Still not convinced?  Ok, aside from the low interest rates let’s take a look at some other reasons why 2016 is the year. Continue reading