The Smart Path to Home Ownership

  1. Preliminary Search & Enrollment
    • Search for potential homes that you and your loved ones would be interested in.
    • Submit your contact information so that we ( and our credit specialist partner (Lexington Law) can get you started with a free consultation and offer an explanation of our program.
    • By working with our partner, you will develop an achievable credit improvement and/or savings plan to reach homeownership in your desired timeframe.
    • iRentToOwn works with credit improvement specialists and mortgage providers to develop a customized strategy for you.
  2. Search
    • Once you are comfortable with our Home Owner Program, it‘s time to begin your home search!
    • Consider factors most important to you and your family, and the characteristics of your dream home (neighborhood, number of bedrooms, size, etc.)
    • Our site will assist you in the search and filtering process, so that you can identify a selection of homes that fit your preferences and where you would be able to enter into a Rent-To-Own agreement.
  3. Lease Signing
    • When you have located a home that is right for you, you will need to prepare your offer and negotiate contract terms.
    • We work with Rocket Lawyer, a trusted partner that specializes in creating Rent-To-Own agreements to protect you and the Landlord-Seller.
    • Depending on your unique personal and financial needs, you will generally enter into a Rent-To-Own agreement for a period from 12 to 36 months.
  4. Inspection Period
    • Once you and the Landlord-Seller have signed the Rent-To-Own agreement and you have submitted any necessary down payment, iRentToOwn recommends getting a property inspection, a market valuation study, and a title search. These three items will help protect you and your investment.
    • Assuming the results of the inspection are satisfactory, you move into the home and your down payment becomes non-refundable.
  5. Rental Period
    • During your 12-36 month rental period, you submit monthly payments to the Landlord-Seller and any monthly rental credit portion will remain in an escrow account until you purchase the home.
    • Throughout the term of your lease, your credit repair specialist and mortgage provider will work with you to achieve your mortgage qualification objectives.
  6. Home Purchase
    • As your rental period draws to a close and you decide that you would like to purchase the home, you will work with your mortgage provider to pre-qualify for a mortgage.
    • Once you have been pre-qualified, you will prepare a Purchase Agreement consistent with the terms in the Rent-To-Own Agreement, which will be signed by you and the Landlord-Seller.
    • With the Purchase Agreement signed, you have approximately 30 days to conduct a property inspection, appraisal and title search as well as finalize mortgage documentation.
    • Assuming the results of the inspections are satisfactory and your mortgage documentation has been finalized, the transaction closes and you become a homeowner!
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